Who is Deana Luck Mendoza?

And How does she know about this stuff?

Hi there! I’m Deana, and I help online business owners attract quality leads and make consistent sales through conversion copywriting and magnetic messaging.

Words have power. They persuade. They influence. They impact.

And I’ve loved working with them since I was young. From my early days competing in the National Spelling Bee (yep, the one that’s televised on ESPN – spelling is a sport!), to getting my Bachelor of Arts Degree in English (summa cum laude), to earning my Juris Doctorate degree and 2 law licenses, to persuading judges in packed courtrooms to rule in my clients’ favor, I have a lifelong appreciation for words and communication. I’ve made my living by using choosing words wisely and harnessing their power, first as an English teacher, then as a litigation attorney, and now as a conversion copywriter and messaging expert.

If you want to grow your business (and I’m betting you do since you’re still reading this page), your copy must communicate the value of your services to your ideal clients. I’ve seen so many entrepreneurs — people who have created a quality product or program and who deserve success — stay in the struggle zone simply because they haven’t mastered their messaging.

After helping some of the online world’s most reputable brands and business owners (including Michael Hyatt & Co., Kris Carr, and other multiple-7 and 8-figure entrepreneurs) with their launch copy, webinar scripts, sales pages and emails, I know the difference that copy can make for YOUR bottom line.

Now, I’m here to ease your copy woes so that you can focus on the areas of your business that fall within your zone of genius and quit wasting time staring at a blank screen hoping that the right words will come to you.

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