Are you an Entrepreneur?

I have just the community for you

This is THE place to get geeky about Online Business
…the strategies, growing your brand, making launches happen and MORE!
I’m Deana Luck Mendoza, I am a Digital Business Strategist & Coach, as well as the founder of Building your Business and this group.
I have personally built several successful online businesses and have helped hundreds of people just like you launch and run their online business.
I have a system that allows me grow my online businesses by building momentum through stages.
This group is right for you if:
✔️You are an online business owner, or you want to be!
✔️You are tired of feeling overwhelmed by all of the “things” you think it takes to run an online business.
✔️You have a message that you want to share with the world and you want to grow your impact!
✔️You want to be part of a supportive community that understands you.
We have every size of online business in here from folks who are just beginning to experts who have multiple million dollar online businesses.
We have ecommerce, we have digital businesses, we have course creators, we have membership site owners, we have bloggers, and more.
If you have an online business, and you want to launch and scale, this group is for you! .
We keep it simple – The rules:
👌Be nice.
👌Don’t spam us (No self-promotion except in allowed threads – this includes “please share me” requests… it includes linking to your blog posts directly… it includes telling people to join your group, or to PM you for more… AND… we limit requests for VAs as that leads to spamming in the comments).
👌No lives or videos without prior permission.
WE REMOVE FIRST-TIME OFFENDERS… So if you goof, message to get back in, and don’t do it again.
Feel free to jump in!
#QQ = Quick Question. Make it short and sweet! And help each other out!
#hotseat = Request for someone to analyze a part of your business on a live video and give you helpful criticism.
#LIVEClasses = Guest speakers come to give tips on how to improve our online businesses.
Note: We occasionally screenshot comments in the group and use them for promotional purposes. This is not a “secret” group.
Any questions or concerns?
Reach out: Deana Luck Mendoza –
Want to network and be surrounded by people who get you?
Come on in!!
See you inside…